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General Introduction

Filtration Loss Control Agent MG-1 is the graft copolymer of potassium humic, propenyl monomer and sulfomethylated phenolic resin. According to the application on site in these ten years, we improve this product continuously. Improved MG-1 in 2008 mainly solved the sticky problem in the strongly-dispersed formation and improved salinity-resistance to a large extent.

Property index

fig. 1




Black powder

Moisture, %

≤ 10

After 150 ℃ /16h FL, ml

≤ 15


≤ 35

8h shale expansion rate of reduction, %

≥ 30


1. Improved MG-1 in 2008 inhibited strongly-dispersed formation from being hydrated and dispersed, and solved the problem of mud thickening, which can keep borehole well.

2. Improved MG-1 in 2008 brings in salinity-resistant functional group and prolongs molecular chain, which makes it have the filtration loss property of salinity resistant copolymers and improve mud quality to a large extent.

3. This product can raise the ratio of yield point to plastic viscosity, cut diluted performance, improve mud cuttings removal ability, finally achieving the best cleaning effect.

4. The molecule of this product, which has stable property under 180-200 ℃ and long life span is special. It gets a little degradation under 230 ℃ ,therefore, it is suitable for the salt water-containing sensitive formation.

5. It has good compatibility with other additives and has best collaborative effect with sulphonated polymer.

6. Simple application method on site; directly added or mixed with water.

7. No toxicity no pollution, meeting environmental requirements.

Method of application

MG-1 is used in any kind of fresh water, salt water mud and has good compatibility with other additives. Routine dosage is 0.5-2.0%, which is up to the condition under well.


This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain. Flush with lots of water if splashing it into eyes.


It is packed with plastic bag inside and compound bags outside, with net weight 25kg per bag.